Wine Education

Come learn about wine! Our wine classes span a variety of levels and topics. Classes are casual, coverage of material is thorough, and our teachers are top-tier industry professionals. Sign up in advance below, or drop in at the last minute as long as seats remain available.  Don’t see the class or time you want? Drop us a line with class ideas that interest you. We also offer custom wine classes for private parties and corporate events.



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Tour of Italy
Have you ever been overwhelmed by the seemingly endless variety of Italian wines? Don't worry, we've all been there. Imagine a land with more than 1,000 native grape varieties and hundreds of regional styles and nuances.


It's all part of what makes Italy the inexhaustable spring of delicious and varied wines. In this introductory class we'll cover the major winemaking regions of Italy and their most famous styles and grapes. We'll taste through 6 wines from north to south (and Sicily!) that each have their own flair and long history and regional cuisines.

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Varietal Wine Dinner: PINOT NOIR
We're excited to announce a new monthly series where every month we'll host a dinner focused on one grape variety! We kick off May with Pinot Noir.


Join us for a 3 course dinner paired with different Pinot Noir wines from a different parts of the world. The food is wonderfully crafted around the flavors of Pinot Noir!


7pm, $85 (plus tax and gratuity)
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Champagne 101
The world's most famous sparkling wine isn't just for toasting! Join us for this introduction to a fascinating region with a long and sometimes war-ravaged history. We'll taste the difference between Blanc de Blancs, Rosé and some delightful Prestige Cuvées.


Along the way we'll talk about what makes wines from Champagne so different from other sparkling wines and some of the best ways to enjoy and pair champagne with different cuisines. A must for that bubble-loving wine friend in your life.

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Tour of France
France is truly a country dedicated to wine. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace; all have their traditions and native grapes and regional foods. But what makes France so special? What are the styles and differences we encounter on a trip around the country? Are there some years to look for and others to avoid? We'll cover all this and more as we taste through 6 representative wines from all over France.

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